Important Messages from the Online Milk Program

We are undergoing a face lift! Stay tuned for our re-launch or contact us for more information!


How do I access my orders?

You can access your existing orders from the "My Orders" page. This page lists all orders you've placed and provides you the ability to view / edit any order as well as print invoices for any previous order.

To view / edit an order:

  1. Click "My Orders" from the main menu. Take me there...
  2. Click the "Order #" corresponding to the order you wish to view / edit.
  3. The Order Form will appear with the selected order.
  4. For help on how to edit your order, please refer to the order form help section.
  5. For help on how to print an order invoice, please refer to the print invoice help section.

Tip: Click the grey arrow icons in the table's header row to sort the table on a selected column.